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What is Branch Office Security?

Branch Office Security encompasses the various security solutions that organizations put in place to ensure that branch offices can safely, securely, and reliably connect to the data center, the Internet, and cloud applications. In the past, branches relied on centralized gateways located at their data center to secure the entire enterprise. Organizations used traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) topology, where network communication between each branch office passed through the organization’s data center on its way to the cloud.

A Shift in Networking Strategy

Though traditional WAN topology is still used today, more organizations are updating their networking strategy in order to quickly and reliably reach the Internet, without passing through the data center first. Organizations do so by implementing SD-WAN, a new type of Software-Defined network that allows branches to connect directly to cloud applications, resources, and tools from a branch office. Gartner projects that by 2023, 90% of branches will implement SD-WAN instead of traditional routers1. Many industries already, such as finance, healthcare, and retail, rely on this quick and secure method to access their cloud resources.

1Gartner 2018 MQ for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Branch Office SD-WAN Security


  • Connecting directly to the internet from the branch exposes branch offices to Gen V attacks
  • Branch security is lagging behind capacity demand and is inconsistent due to long upgrade cycles
  • Multiple point solutions drive up administrative costs and create operational challenges
  • Constantly changing compliance requirements

You Can Secure Your Branch Office By:

  • Implement a unified SD-WAN security solution, either on-premises or in the cloud, to protect against advanced threats and comply with the latest regulations
  • A cloud-based SD-WAN security solution is beneficial for organizations with limited on-site IT resources
  • An on-premises SD-WAN security solution is ideal for organizations who have data location requirements or are focused on data privacy
  • Ensuring that the security software at your distributed network of branches is continuously maintained

Key Takeaways

When deciding on a security solution for your organization, securing your branch office is a crucial piece of the puzzle. A security architecture that is up-to-date, can quickly and reliably handle in-going and outgoing traffic to the Internet, and can be deployed consistently across all of your branch offices will help keep your organization safe from data breaches and cyber attacks.


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