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Check Point URL Filtering provides optimized web security through full integration in the gateway to prevent bypass through external proxies. Integration of policy enforcement with Application Control means enhanced Web and Web 2.0 protection, and UserCheck technology empowers and educates users on web usage policy in real time.


Protect users with cloud-based categorization and UserCheck technology

  • Dynamic cloud-based database of over 200,000,000 Websites
  • Real time updates of ever evolving and new URLs
  • Leverage UserCheck to empower users with real time alerts while educating them on web policy

Unified Security over all aspects of the web with full Application Control integration

  • Allow unified enforcement and management across all aspects of web security
  • Define, enforce and report on web and application security policies at the user and group levels
  • Control over 200 Million websites and 7,800 applications to achieve comprehensive web security
  • Enforce bandwidth and/or time limits to select websites or Web 2.0 applications

Optimize web security and reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Full integration of URL Filtering into Check Point gateways eliminates bypass through external proxies and enforces inspection of all traffic--even when traversing non-standard ports
  • Option to scan and secure SSL/TLS encrypted traffic passing through the gateway or choose "Lite" HTTPS filtering without SSL/TLS inspection
  • Easy one click activation on any Check Point Security Gateway
  • Up to 90% reduction of TCO compared to traditional point solutions

The Check Point Application Control and URL Filtering solutions have effectively enabled us to increase employee productivity and network security while significantly decreasing bandwidth consumption and our exposure to Web 2.0 threats. Additionally because it ties in with Active Directory, we have the granular ability to easily block access to applications, widgets, and URLs at the user level, the group level, and the node level.

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Extensive and Dynamic URL Coverage

Utilize a dynamically updated database of over 200 Million Websites to allow, block or limit web site access in real-time—all web site traffic, clear and SSL/TLS encrypted. Choose from pre-defined content categories.

  • Dynamically allow, block or limit access to over 200 million Websites
  • Analyze SSL/TLS encrypted traffic
  • Create policy rules using pre-configured URL Filtering Categories
  • Control access to complete sites or just pages within a site
  • Fine tune policies with white listing and black listing specific URLs

Inspect SSL/TLS Encrypted Traffic or Choose "Lite" HTTPS Filtering

Scan and secure SSL/TLS encrypted traffic passing through the gateway.

When traffic is passing through, the gateway decrypts the traffic with the sender’s public key, inspects and protects, then re-encrypts, sending the newly encrypted content to the receiver.

Granularly define exceptions for SSL/TLS inspection to protect user privacy and comply with corporate policy. Some encrypted content passing through the gateway should not be inspected, and therefore can be bypassed with a simple administrator policy definition.

You can opt for “Lite” HTTPS filtering and filter HTTPS traffic without SSL/TLS inspection.

User, Group and Machine Aware

Allow, block or limit web site access based on user, group and machine-id for a single URL or an entire URL Category. The ability to allow, block and limit web site access based on user, group and even machine-id is missing from most URL filtering solutions today. Check Point URL Filtering is user-aware making user, group and machine-id information readily available for policies, reporting and management purposes.

Integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture

URL Filtering is integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture, and can be activated easily on Check Point Security Gateways. By just enabling  URL Filtering inside their existing gateways, companies can save up to 90% over traditional stand-alone URL Filtering solutions.

Complete Web Control with Application Control Integration

Combine URL Filtering and Application Control to unify web site access control with web application and widget control for improved security and lower cost.

Check Point URL Filtering provides the ability to allow, block or limit access (based on time and/or bandwidth) to millions of web sites and web pages. Check Point Application Control provides similar capabilities for 7,800 internet applications.

Check Point unifies URL Filtering and Application Control delivering:

  • One common rule-base to simplify policy creation with joint categories for both websites and applications
  • One management console for easier management
  • One reporting system for improved visibility into web events.

Engage and Educate Users with Integrated Check Point UserCheck

Use Check Point UserCheck to actively engage and educate users as they access the web to identity potential policy incidents as they occur and remediate them immediately.

Users are an integral part of the web security and control process. The best practice is to engage and educate users as they use the web to identity potential policy incidents as they occur and remediate them immediately. Check Point UserCheck, a feature of URL Filtering, enables an organization to implement this best practice saving valuable IT administration time while improving user productivity and overall security.

360° Visibility and Reporting

Achieve an unmatched level of visibility into web related security events to not only detect web access security events, but also prevent them.

Having sufficient visibility into web access security events and user behavior is an essential part of ensuring an organization’s security. It helps to detect potentially malicious incidents and prevent them from happening. Have full visibility into trends, statistics, maps and events. Get reporting that is intuitive and insightful with such features as detailed user activity and browse time details.

Check Point URL Filtering seamlessly integrates with SmartEvent to provide an unmatched level of visibility into web related security events. This enables Check Point to prevent web access related security events rather than just detecting them or simply missing them.

Fully integrated into Check Point Gateways

URL Filtering is fully integrated into Check Point Security Gateways

  • Eliminates bypass through external proxies
  • Enforces inspection of all traffic
  • Protects when traversing non-standard ports
  • Improves TCO by managing and maintaining security on one machine

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